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    As the first author and co-first author:
    1. Kuan Hu#,Feng Yin#, Ziyuan Zhou, ChenshanLian, Yinghuan Liu, Chengjie Sun, Wenjun Li, Jianing Zhang and Zigang Li* “Directional assembly of a stapled α-helical peptide ”. Chemical Communications.2019, 55(70): 10484-10487.(Co-first author;IF:6.52)
    2. Xuewen He#, Feng Yin#, Dongyuan Wang, Ling-Hong Xiong, Ryan T. K. Kwok,PengFeiGao, Zheng Zhao, Jacky W. Y. Lam, Ken-Tye Yong, Zigang Li, Ben Zhong Tang.AIE Featured Inorganic-Organic Core@Shell Nanoparticle for High-Efficiency SiRNA Delivering and Real-Time Monitoring. Nanoletter.2019,19: 2272-2279.(Co-first author;IF:12.08)
    3. Feng Yin, Tommy Anderson, NishthaPanwar, Kang Zhang, SweeChuanTjin, Beng Koon Ng, Ho Sup Yoon, JunleQu, and Ken-Tye Yong. Functionalized MoS2 Nanosheets as Multi-Gene Delivery Vehicles for In Vivo Pancreatic Cancer Therapy.Nanotheranostics.2018, 2(4): 371-386.(First author)
    4. Kuan Hu#, Feng Yin#, Mengyin Yu, Chengjie Sun, Jingxu Li, Yujie Liang, Wenjun Li, MingshengXie, Yuanzhi Lao, Wei Liang and Zi-gang Li. In-tether chiral center induced helical peptide modulators target p53-MDM2/MDMX and inhibit tumor growth in stem-like cancer cell. Theranostics.2017,13;7(18):4566-4576.(Co-first author;IF:11.55)
    5. Feng Yin, BoboGu, Yining Lin, Nishtha Panwar, Swee Chuan Tjin, Junle Qu, Shu Ping Lau, Ken-Tye Yong. Functionalized 2D nanomaterials for gene delivery applications.Coordination Chemistry Reviews.2017, 347: 77-97. (First author;IF:13.324) 
    6. Feng Yin, Kuan Hu, Si Chen, Dongyuan Wang, Jianing Zhang, MingshengXie, Dan Yang, MengQiu, Han Zhang and Zi-gang Li. Black phosphorus quantum dot based novel siRNA delivery systems in human pluripotent teratoma PA-1 cells. J. Mater. Chem. B.2017, 5: 5433-5440. (First author;IF:4.726)
    7. Feng Yin, Kuan Hu, Yangzi Chen, Mengying Yu, Dongyuan Wang, Ken-Tye Yong, Fei Lu, Yongye Liang, and Zigang Li. SiRNA Delivery with PEGylatedGraphene Oxide Nanosheets for Combined Photothermal and Gene Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer. Theranostics.2017,7(5):1133-1148. (First author;IF:11.55)
    8. Feng Yin, NishthaPanwar, Danny Jian Hang Tng, SweeChuanTjin, Kuan Wang and Ken-Tye Yong.The application of mesoporous silica nanoparticle family in cancer theranostics.Coordination Chemistry Reviews.2016,319:86-109. (First author;IF:13.324)
    9. Feng Yin, Chengbin Yang, Qianqian Wang, ShuwenZeng, Rui Hu, Guimiao Lin, JinglinTian, SiyiHu, RongFengLan, Ho Sup Yoon, Fei Lu,Kuan Wang, and Ken-Tye Yong. A Light-Driven Therapy of Pancreatic AdenocarcinomaUsing Gold Nanorods-Based Nanocarriers forCo-Delivery of Doxorubicin and siRNA. Theranostics.2015, 5(8): 818-833. (First author;IF:11.55)
    10. Feng Yin, Butian Zhang, ShuwenZeng, Guimiao Lin, JinglinTian, Chengbin Yang,  Kuan Wang,  GaixiaXu, and Ken-Tye Yong. Folic acid-conjugated organically modified silica nanoparticles for enhanced targeted delivery in cancer cells and tumor in vivo. J Mater Chem B Mater Biol Med.2015,3:6081.(First author;IF:4.726)
    11. Feng Yin, RongfengLan, Xiaoming Zhang, Linyu Zhu, Fangfang Chen, ZhengshuangXu, Yuqing Liu, Tao Ye, Hong Sun, Fei Lu and Hui Zhang. LSD1 regulates pluripotencyof embryonic stem/carcinoma cells through HDAC1-mediated deacetylation of histoneH4 at lysine 16. Mol. Cell. Biol.2014, 34(2): 158–179.(First author;IF:5.032)
    As the co-corresponding author:
    1. Na Liu, Dongyuan Wang, ChenshanLian, Rongtong Zhao, LichengTu, Yichi Zhang, Jianbo Liu, Huilin Zhu, Mengying Yu, Chuan Wan, Di Li, Shuiming Li, Feng Yin* and Zigang Li* “Selective Covalent Targeting of Anti‐Apoptotic BFL‐1 by a Sulfonium Tethered Peptide”.ChemBioChem.2021, 22: 340 –344.(Co-Corresponding author, IF:3.16)
    2. Yang Li, ChenshanLian, ZhanfengHou, Dongyuan Wang, Rui Wang, Chuan Wan, WanjinZhong, Rongtong Zhao, Yuena Wang, Shuiming Li, Feng Yin* and Zigang Li* “Intramolecular methionine alkylation constructs sulfonium tethered peptides for protein conjugation”. ChemicalCommunications.2020, 56: 3741-3744. (Co-Corresponding author, IF:6.52)
    3. ZhanfengHou, Dong-Yuan Wang, Yang Li, Rongtong Zhao, Chuan Wan, Yue Ma, ChenshanLian, Feng Yin* and Zigang Li*”A Sulfonium Triggered Thiol-yne Reaction for Cysteine Modification” J. Org. Chem., 2020,85(3): 1698-1705. (Co-Corresponding author, IF:4.72)
    4. Wenjun Li, YuboGao, Jiaona Zhang, Xiaofang Wang, Feng Yin*,Zigang Li*, Min Zhang* “Universal DNA detection realized by peptide based carbon nanotube biosensors ” Nanoscale Adv., 2020, 2: 717-723.(Co-Corresponding author)
    5. Fadeng Yang, Wan Zhang, Yixiang Jiang, Feng Yin*, Wei Han* and Zigang Li* “Targeting the amyloid-β fibril surface by constrained helical peptide inhibitor”. Biochemistry.2020, 59(3): 290-296. (Co-Corresponding author, IF:3.37)
    6. Yixiang Jiang, Xuehan Jiang, Xiaodong Shi, Fadeng Yang, Yang Cao, Xuan Qin, ZhanfengHou, MingshengXie, Na Liu, Qi Fang, Feng Yin*, Wei Han*, Zigang Li* “α-helical motif as inhibitors of toxic amyloid-β oligomer generation via highly specific recognition of amyloid surface” iScience.2019, 17: 87-100. (Co-Corresponding author)
    7. Jianing Zhang, Yue Ma, Kuan Hu, Yuan Feng, Si Chen, Xiaoyang Yang, Jacky Fong-Chuen Loo, Han Zhang, Feng Yin* and Zigang Li* “Surface Coordination of Black Phosphorus with Modified Cisplatin”.Bioconjugate Chemistry.2019, 30(6): 1658-1664. (Co-Corresponding author, IF:4.77)
    8. Wang Dongyuan, Yu Mengying, Liu Na, LianChenshan, HouZhanfeng, Wang Rui, Zhao Rongtong, Li Wenjun, Jiang Yixiang, Shi Xiaodong, Li Shuiming, FengYin*,ZigangLi*. A sulfonium tethered peptide ligand rapidly and selectively modifies protein cysteine in vicinity. Chemical Science.2019, 10(19): 4966-4972. (Co-Corresponding author, IF:9.06)
    9. Dongyuan Wang, Wenjun Li, Rongtong Zhao, Longjian Chen, Na Liu, Yuan Tian, Hui Zhao, MingshengXie, Fei Lu, Qi Fang, Wei Liang*, Feng Yin*, Zigang Li*.Stabilized peptide HDAC inhibitors derived from HDAC1 substrate H3K56 for the treatment of cancer stem-like cells in vivo. Cancer Research.2019, 79(8): 1769-1783.(Co-Corresponding author, IF: 12.70)
    10. Yue Ma, Wenjun Li, Ziyuan Zhou, Xuan Qin, Dongyuan Wang, YuboGao, Zhiqiang Yu, Feng Yin*, and Zigang Li*. “Peptide-AptamerCoassemblyNanocarrier for Cancer Therapy” Bioconjugate Chem., 2019, 30(3): 536-540.  (Co-Corresponding author, IF: 4.54)
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    13. Xiaodong Shi, Rongtong Zhao, Yixiang Jiang, Hui Zhao, Yuan Tian, Yanhong Jiang, Jingxu Li, Weirong Qin, Feng Yin* and Zigang Li*. Reversible Stapling of Unprotected Peptides viaChemoselective Methionine Bis-alkylation/Dealkylation.Chemical Science.2018.9:3227-32. (Corresponding author;IF:8.668; Q1)
    14. Wenjun Li, Kuan Hu, Qingzhou Zhang, Dongyuan Wang, Yue Ma, ZhanfengHou, Feng Yin*, and Zigang Li. N terminal N-methylation modulates chiral centre induced helical (CIH) peptides’ biophysical properties.Chemistry Communication.2018,54: 1865-8.v(Corresponding author;IF:6.319)
    15. Li Wenjun, Wang Dongyuan, Shi Xiaodong, Li Jingxu, Yue Ma, Wang Yanding, Li Tingting, Zhang Jianing, Zhao Rongtong, Yu Zhiqiang, FengYin*and ZigangLi*. A siRNA-induced peptide co-assembly system as a peptide-based siRNAnanocarrier for cancer therapy.Materials Horizons.2018, 5(4): 745-752. (Co-Corresponding author; IF: 13.05)
    16. Jingxu Li, Kuan Hu, Hailing Chen, YuJie Wu, Longjian Chen, Feng Yin,* Yuan Tian,* and Zigang Li. In-tether chiral center modulates the proapoptotic activity of KLApeptide. Chemistry Communication.2017, 53: 10452-5.(Corresponding author;IF:6.319)
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